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DJ Danny T

DJ Danny T
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DJ Danny T
Gospel, Hip Hop
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DJ Danny T  Biography

DJ Danny T was born in Washington, DC. And was raised there and in Landover, Md (Columbia Park). He became interested in DJ’ing in 1984 after seeing Run-DMC and Jam Master Jay on television. He always loved music since a young child; often listening to his father’s jazz and R&B albums and 45’s in the 60’s. At the age of 13 he given his first stereo system and he started to explore other types of music. He started listening to Pop Top 40 and eventually Rock music, which became his favorite genre. He loved the music so much that his parents bought him a drum set. Shortly after Go-Go music became popular, and rap music was just being introduced to the D.C. area. So his love of playing drums to different genres of music started the beginning of his diversity in music that he has today. In 1986 he bought his first DJ turntables and mixer, and started DJ’ing house parties. Hip hop music was rarely played on the radio in the DC area, so when he would go to NY to visit his in-laws, he was exposed to the explosion of hip hop music in 1986. He fell in love with Hip Hop. Every time he was in NY, he would record DJ Red Alert and Mr. Magic’s show on the radio, record the Box Music Video show on TV on a Beta VCR, and buy the latest hip hop records in NY. His love of DJ’ing and soon after, producing music, was in full swing.

In 1989 he put together a rap group and did a couple of talent shows before breaking up. He was still DJ’ing parties and producing music for a couple of rap groups in the D.C. area. Soon after he started making hip hop mixtapes and continued doing parties and other events. In 2000, he started a mobile DJ company named Wheels of Steel Productions. He provided DJ services for various types of events, and also provided music production for various events. During a brief stint he managed a local club in Maryland with a partner and also DJ’ed there. They provided live band entertainment. DJ Danny T’s mobile business started to expand and get busier, so he stopped working at the club to focus on entirely on his DJ business. The business started to flourish, and he was DJ’ing at almost 100 events a year. In 2013 he started a residency at a Christian club called the Cave Live. He also DJ’ing at live shows for various artists in the DMV. In 2013 he also started another DJ business with his current wife, Millennial-X Entertainment. They provide DJ entertainment and venue enhancements for weddings, corporate events, parties, schools, charitable and fundraiser events. They have multiple DJ’s that work for the company.

In 2014, DJ Danny T joined the DMV Fleet DJ’s, a division of the International Fleet DJ’s. He was soon promoted to one of the Managers of the group. In 2017, the Fleet DJ Gospel division group was started, and he was asked to manage the group. DJ Danny T continues his love of music and enjoying networking with other DJ’s. And also enjoys mentoring, teaching and training other DJ’s. His future plans are to continue to grow Millennial-X Entertainment and his lighting company, Light The Spot Lighting, and continue working in the music business.